Published in the New York Times

verizon sm

I know it’s not a good idea to hate anyone. I know from an article I read that negative emotions are bad for my health. I would hate to have a heart attack because my internet isn’t working. But I do hate Verizon.


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Published in the New York Times Sunday Review

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THERE is probably nothing about me that is not in the hands of hackers.

First, JPMorgan Chase, where I have a bank account, got hacked, then Sony, where I have worked as a screenwriter, then Morgan Stanley, where I have a brokerage account, then Anthem Blue Cross, which has my medical information.



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Published in Vanity Fair

bing crosby dinah shoreWhen I was a child growing up in Los Angeles, I was completely confused about Hollywood. I would watch television quiz shows. Contestants would win a free trip to Hollywood. I would think, Why do they want to go there?



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