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The Season of the Zipper

Published in the New York Times SundayReview


I’m so glad it’s spring because I won’t get stuck in my down coat anymore. Several times I had to put my hands over my head and get peeled out of it — once...

The Woman Who Gave Up Sex

Published in the New York Times Op-Ed


Spoiler alert: If you are a fan of “The Good Wife” and haven’t watched the last episode, please read something else.



A Christmas Manners Quiz

Published in the New York Times Op-Ed


You arrive for Christmas dinner. Your mother has left your father for a woman and you are meeting her for the first time.

Do you say, “Hello, it’s nice to meet you”?"

Do you tweet, “...

Color Me Blue

Published in the New York Times Op-Ed


“BLOOMBERG, love him or hate him?” a friend asked.

“Hate,” I said.

Hate is a strong word, and please don’t get sidetracked by it. New York’s a passionate place, I’m passionate about the place, and that’s...

Meg Nora, and Me

Published in Vogue


Today I am going to the John Marshall studios on Ninth Avenue between Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth streets to hear Meg Ryan record the audiobook of Sister, Mother, Husband, Dog (etc.). I am anxious—anxious because writing this book was...

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