Big City Eyes

big city eyes

To keep her fifteen-year-old son safe from the everyday temptations of New York City–namely sex, drugs, and all-night clubs–single mom Lily Davis decides it’s time she and Sam move to Sakonnet Bay, a picturesque town on the Long Island coast with a much slower pace. Or so she thinks.

For Sam makes a friend who speaks only in Klingon–and before you can say wejpuh, they’re having sex on the kitchen table. Lily lands a great job as a columnist for the local paper, but the folks in town are gossiping about her run-in with a nipping dog and police sergeant Tom McKee. Most disturbing, there’s the undeniable attraction between Lily and the very married McKee. And when she and Tom stumble upon what appears to be a dead woman in a house they’re . . . well . . . trespassing in, Lily’s picture-postcard world begins to peel at the edges. How much passion, guilt, and murder can one woman take?