Sammy (a movie about two psychics and a dog named Sammy), and
How He Found Her, a love story that spans three continents and 25 years based on my article, How He Found Me.

Travels with Julia & Delia  A trip to Spain with my best friend where we push the boundaries, each picking things to do that the other would never do in a million years.  For MORE Magazine.

My Sunday Morning, an interview in The New York Times

Delia and Honey

BREAKFAST FIXATION My husband and I tend to start thinking about Sunday breakfast on Friday, because whatever it is we decide on, it’s going to be fabulous. I’m the popover queen; I learned to make them in seventh grade, so I’ve gotten really good at it. Also, we’ve been into waffles. I wandered into the 14th Street Whole Foods one day while they were making waffles in the store, took some home, and they were phenomenal. We loved having their waffles, but then they stopped making them.

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