About Delia

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My story, sort of …

I grew up in Beverly Hills, California. Graduated from Barnard, and while there fell in love with New York City.  I had parents who were screenwriters and have three sisters.  Made several detours in life until I wrote How to Eat Like a Child, 500 words about children and food, which was published in the New York Times Magazine, and that was when I realized I was a writer.  That article became a book, which, to my great good fortune, became a best seller.  I became a contributing editor at New York Magazine, met and married Jerome Kass (screenwriter and playwright) and then moved back to Los Angeles and lived there for many years until I moved back to my beloved Manhattan.

My passion is mostly work.  I am happy at my desk. I have always written in many forms—I love bouncing among them—and have written adult novels, humor, children and YA books, as well as movies, plays, and occasional magazine pieces.  But I also love to cook, love to bake especially, am extremely fond of watching television, watching tennis, and going to the movies.  I have an FWD (fluffy white dog) with six names—Honey Pansy Cornflower Bernice Mambo Kass.